This is turning out to be the best week ever.

+ He is Risen! "Death has lost and love has won!"

+ Alexandra WON the Drive, Chip, and Putt tournament in Augusta! Let me just share this beauty again in case you missed my Facebook post, 10 Snapchats, texts, etc.:
That's my girl!
+ The cabinet I designed for our house is being installed as I type!

+ Our monthly Girl's Night is this week. And I have the best friends, duh.

..and last but not least:

+ I'm knocking one off the bucket list: As announced Saturday, our episode airs on HGTV at the end of this week! [Seriously I've been watching HGTV since I was 9 wanting to be on!]


    I just want to set the record straight before ya'll watch the show [that even I haven't seen so there may need to be more added to this at a later date!]. These are some things I think you should know before watching!:

+ Boxing.

You'll notice, our title is "Third Round Knock Out". Yes. You will see us boxing in this episode. Why? Oh cause, I used to box casually. Here's the deal. In California I had a gym membership that I never used, but I did want to do something, so when one of Tyler's coworkers mentioned she went to a cardio class at the boxing gym in town, I decided to give it a try. I lasted for a few months sprained my ankle [not boxing] and was out a month, then boxed another month or so before we moved. Please note: I NEVER BOXED ANYONE. The only time I got in the ring was with my instructor for my free "one-on-one" training class that you get for joining the gym. It was a CARDIO class with boxing moves and everyone had their own bag to punch. When we filled out our application for the show, I was still in boxing class so I [stupidly] listed that as a hobby and they decided to run with it for the show. Unfortunately for me, by the time we filmed it had been months since my last class and I was never good with the footwork to begin with seeing as I didn't need it vs. a bag. So go ahead and think up your jokes [cough, Danny Spears, cough]. Fortunately for me, they like to make it so the girl wins - I wish I could TKO Tyler, but alas, it's staged.

We are not millionaires.

Somehow, our budget got way mixed up between emails. We did increase our budget at one point but they ended up taking the second number from the low end and switching it with the second number from the top of the budget so our budget went wayyy up! By the time we caught the error, they had already filmed a segment with the host separately so we had to go with it. But that's why we keep saying, "we want to stay at the low end of our budget!"

We are a little boring.

    We pretty much agreed 100% on what we wanted in our first home - but that's pretty boring for viewers, so they took our one minor disagreement and blew. it. up. We really didn't argue over that to the extent that it may or may not be viewed on-screen [especially with the super corny scripted lines during the boxing scenes]. It's TV people! Don't worry, while there have been couples who split up because of the show [not even lying], we are not one of them!

+ We love our house!

    Again, we're boring. By the time they filmed the last house [our house] we had already requested some changes with the builder - so we didn't really have anything we 'didn't like' and they forced us to find something. I don't really remember what we said other than the backyard was boring? ..but we really do love our house!

+ We love our builder!

The show makes it seem like we didn't know the builder, but we do! It also makes it seem like he sold the house to us for below value so that he could 'get out' and move on to the next project. Not true. We did get a great deal but he definitely didn't 'get rid of it'. They just had to back-track and cover up for the fact that they'd already filmed her saying we wouldn't be able to find what we wanted at the low end of our budget.

+ I wear heels.

    This may come as a shock, but I wear heels guys! In the summer I love to wear wedges with shorts. I have short legs and I try not to buy skanky short shorts, so I need help sometimes! You'll see me in wedges *and* flats on the show and if you see me in person in the summer, I'll probably be wearing wedges. Or barefoot.. but that wouldn't have been acceptable for TV. All that to say, I did not just wear heels for the show. Ask my realtor. I wore wedges when she was dragging my hopeless but around Charlotte trying to find our dream home!

+ Even with heels, I am short.

    No, I am not close to as tall as Tyler. Not even with heels on. But, thanks to the handy dandy 'Tom Cruise' box, I do appear to be in some of the interview scenes!

Your FAQs Answered:

    We've gotten a lot of questions from you all about the process, so here are the answers to the questions we've been asked most frequently:

+ Did you get paid?

    Haha, no! We wish.. but we did get a gift card to a home improvement store and we were willing to settle for the 15 minutes of fame!

+ Is it real?

    As real as it can be! Like the producers told us: they don't want to force anyone to purchase or put a timeline on purchasing and you can put an offer in on a house anytime after the first film date. They showed us the first two homes then they left us alone with our realtor to visit [what felt like] 10x more homes, *hopefully* finding 'the one' before
they come back to film again! Luckily for us, we had already found our home about a week before filming began and were just waiting for it to be closer to finished before putting in an offer.

+ Is the show's host your actual realtor?

    No. While she is a licensed realtor, our realtor was behind the scenes finding the houses and hooking us up. She's the best. If you're looking in the Charlotte Area, Jennifer Monroe is your hookup.

+ Did you have a script?

    Absolutely not. Which made re-takes extremely difficult - trying to remember what we said the first time, second time, fifth time.. Although, like I said, we were a little boring when it came to arguing so some of those lines were fed to us!
..and anything else that sounds cheesy was probably fed to us as well! They also made us do a few re-takes if we were being 'too nice' about a house that we clearly didn't like.

+ Did you have a hair and makeup artist?

    While there was a hair and makeup artist on set [for the host], we did not get to get in on that perk! I did all of my own hair and makeup [as you'll probably be able to tell - because it was always raining and I can't tame the frizz in the rain!]. I even did Tyler's makeup! In high-light and sunny scenes they requested I powder his forehead and nose, but that's the extent of his makeup wearing! We also picked out our own clothes after reviewing their extensive list of no-no's for the TV screen: no clothing logos, no sports logos, no stripes, no tiny polka dots, no all-white, no red.. etc. So after canceling out all the Miami gear, workout clothes, and stripes; that left us with about 2 items for poor Tyler. Proof I did my own hair, a picture our builder snapped when he came to install the cabinet knobs the morning of filming:
+ How long did filming take?

    For. Ev. Er. [Sandlot voice]. We were scheduled to film for almost 30 hours over 3 separate days. Thankfully we rarely had to do re-takes [other than when they wanted different angles or to use a different camera] so we cut that down to about 24! [Not to toot our own horns but the director said we were really easy to work with and did great with our takes! We're clearly stars in the making.]


+ When will it air?!

    Wait no longer folks. Set the DVRs for THIS Saturday morning, April 11th at 9:30 AM on HGTV! Or, you could not be lazy and get up and watch it LIVE!

    I asked Tyler if he had anything to add.. so I'll leave you with this:
    So.. 'melt your eyeballs and hearts out' America, THIS Saturday at 9:30/8:30c [9:30pst, no idea mountain time!]!
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First of all: How is it April already?!

This year is flying by! I haven't written at all for a few reasons:

1 - Learning how to juggle 3 jobs and run a business. Yes, 3. All part-time-ish. All requiring me to own my own business which means doing adult things like quarterly taxes, writing contracts, and sending out invoices [not as easy as I thought]. Not because we need it but because I'm probably certifiably insane, love what I do, and can't say no?

2 - Flu/Strep combo and that little concussion. Minor Detail. No joke. I had two weeks off for Christmas/New Years, the first was spent with family in Ohio and the second was supposed to be used for getting ahead with my business, taxes, cleaning the house, and prepping blog posts. One day in to that second week I couldn't move, breathe, stay awake, eat, etc. Just as I was able to breathe again, I couldn't swallow without feeling like I was swallowing glass. Super fun. Thankful for a dad who called in some antibiotics and I was better before work started up again the next week but I ended up getting way behind with everything else!
Later in January we went on a ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado with a huge group of friends/co-workers [something like 16 people total?!]. On the second, and thankfully last, day of skiing, I was hit in the back of the head by a snowboarder, flew in to the air landing head-first with my feet pointed uphill. Thankfully I was skiing with a helmet. I had a headache the size of Texas and kept feeling like I needed to go to sleep so I was taken to the hospital via ambulance for evaluation. After failing the balance test but not throwing up, passing out, or seizing [hooray!], it was determined that while I did suffer a concussion, I did not have a brain bleed and could fly home the next day. I could not however: read, use a computer, watch TV, be around loud crowds [ha - we were sharing a 3 bedroom suite with 9 others], etc. ..and the next morning I woke up with whiplash which made walking through the airport fun! I spent the rest of the month sleeping before and after every activity. January was not my month for getting things done.. but yes, I will go skiing again!

Ironically we were waiting to buy my helmet here!

3 - New Year's Resolutions [Seriously. I actually made some this year and am attempting to stick to them!] During my time of reflection after the concussion, I decided to make some New Year's goals. In order to try to stick to my resolutions and make them a priority, I made a rule that I had to show commitment to each goal before I could write again.
Resolution 1: Start drinking more water. I now start each morning and end my day with at least 1 8oz glass, keep a full tumbler with me at work, and make myself drink a full glass of water before I'm allowed to have any other drink with a meal. I'm still probably not at the recommended amount but considering I detest water, it's a step in the right direction!
Resolution 2: Join a gym and actually go [ya know, after being medically cleared]. I crushed this one. I joined the beginning of the second week of March and had a goal to go at least 6 times by March 31. I doubled that.
Resolution 3: Use a planner. Getting better at this one but still need improvement! Next year more thought will be put into what type of planner I purchase - I need one more tailored to how I like to view my month/week/day!
Resolution 4: Start doing daily devotions. I like to start things with a purpose and be 'exact' with things. So when I went to the Christian bookstore at the beginning of March and bought my new devotional books and one had a "daily" plan for 30 days, I couldn't start it until April 1. Just couldn't. And I hate to do day 3 devotion on day 4 so I think I'll be sticking to this!
Resolution 5: Don't get overwhelmed. Blogging is a hobby, not an only source of income. If it doesn't get done, it doesn't get done. It shouldn't take away from time with friends and family.


4 - I can't keep a secret. I kept wanting to share pictures of our house and projects we were doing but I also didn't want to until our show aired so you could see some of the 'before'! .. So now, the only reason most of you are here, the BIG news: WE GOT THE EMAIL! Last night, we received an email from the production company that our show will air NEXT Saturday, April 11th at 9:30 AM on HGTV! If you want to record it, our episode is called, "Third Round Knock Out." I'll post a full disclaimer on Monday!

    We are so excited to finally see the episode ourselves and excited for you all to see it as well. Be prepared for several home posts afterwards to see what we've done since moving in! Happy Easter!
"2 They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, 3 but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. 4 While they were wondering about this, suddenly two men in clothes that gleamed like lightning stood beside them. 5 In their fright the women bowed down with their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? 6 He is not here; He has risen!" Luke 24: 2 - 6a
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