Jumpsuit: asos | Sunnies: old Banana Republic [similar] | Earrings: Francesca's [similar] | Necklace: Charming Charlie | Bracelet and Watch: Premier Designs | Purse: old but loving this one
    Ever since Tyler told me he thought I'd look good in a jumpsuit and I whipped out my never-worn, tags-still-on, grey one to surprise him in Vegas.. I've been addicted! They are so easy to throw on and you don't have to match a top and bottom. Despite the fact that they're pants, they are usually made with lighter fabric and actually pretty cool - plus, unlike its cousin the maxi-dress your legs don't stick together when it's hot out. Added bonus: I haven't found one yet that is uncomfortable. The only downside I see to these one-piece wonders is the fact that you have to completely undress to go to the bathroom - not exactly my first concern.
    Due to the busy print on this jumpsuit, I kept the necklace simple and went with white arm candy to bring out the white background. Looking back - I wish I had worn my white purse! I'll be the first to admit that the print/color on the purse I chose clashes with the jumpsuit but the handle on my plain rattan purse broke off and I wanted to keep the tropical theme so I grabbed this one on the way out.
    Happy Monday! Here's to hoping you have a great week!
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