Happy Cyber Monday! ..and busiest shopping time of year

    I'm big on online shopping. Save gas money, save time, save money by researching to find similar items at a lower prices, and at this time of year, save yourself from fighting traffic, long lines, and save your life [have you seen how cray cray people get on Black Friday?] So my opinion is that if you're online shopping at all you're doing it right, BUT if you're not using EBATES, you're missing out!

     EBATES is pretty much the only way I shop online and it's so easy. With over 1,700 stores I never have trouble finding what I need! I simply log into my EBATES account, search for the store or the item I'm looking for, click to open a shopping cart at that store, and start shopping and earning!
    Saving money is something else I'm 'big' on so I'm always on the lookout for great deals which are guaranteed at EBATES. Even if they don't have a current coupon code for the store you're wanting to shop at, you're always going to get cash back. On average, I usually get about 3.5% cash back. There are stores that only give 2% cash back, there are stores with 10% or more, and some days stores have special "double cash back" times [like today!]! Even as little as 1% is still something in my eyes.


    If you've seen the commercial on TV you've probably thought, "no way" - and I can tell you, the amount some of those ladies have 'gotten back' is either blown out of proportion, combined from several years, or they have a slight shopping addiction. My first check was around $15, nowhere near $900, but that's my half of a date-night dinner out, a movie ticket, or a few specialty coffee drinks at Starbucks! I honestly thought it was too good to be true but so far it's worked. If I'm already shopping online, I may as well get a little extra back!


"People often ask: "This sounds too good to be true, how are you able to do it?" It really is quite simple. Just like almost every other online shopping center, we get a commission from the stores when you make a purchase. Instead of keeping that money - like almost all other sites do - we share it with you!"


    Signing up is so easy and EBATES does not ask for any bank or credit card information, simply an address for where they should send the check. Which, ps., they're also willing to send to a charity of your choosing if you wish. You can learn more by clicking the link below! Happy Shopping!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
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    Since the Christmas season of the year we got engaged, I have been looking for Christmas dishes. My mom has a set, my mother-in-law has a set, I had to get a set for our new family. Every set I found was either too expensive or not my style. Even dishes at T.J. Maxx and Home Goods were too much for me to spend. I eventually told myself that these were probably dishes our parents got after they were "established" and I didn't need them immediately to make our Christmases special.
    Waiting proved to be the best decision [as per usual].
    I try to go to the local "Antique" store, Shabby Creek on Main, about once every 2-3 months. I love looking at all of the old objects made new again, and love finding hidden gems to incorporate into my decor. When I walked in last Friday after work, I went in to look for another milk glass piece and came home gushing to my husband about what we had to go back for. Here's a look at what I found!:
    I can't get over them. And I am beyond excited for next Christmas! Beautiful gold details on crisp white dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls, and mugs. A complete set of twelve sans two mugs. For a whopping total of $75 including tax. Yes. All that for under $100. After I brought them home, and my husband saw them in person, he wanted to see the receipt to make sure I wasn't just saying that they were only $70 to get him to say yes to the purchase. He couldn't believe we now had an entire set of very nice Christmas dinnerware. Now we definitely need some gold flatware!
    A closer look reveals that the bowls are actually from a different company. You can see the Christmas tree on the bowl has 4 "tiers" versus the 3 on the plates and mugs. While this may bother some, I doubt my guests will be looking at the bottom of my plates to check the companies or that they'll be bored enough to be counting tiers on Christmas trees! This is another reason I love going to these places - where else would I have found two different yet extremely similar sets paired together?
    Antiquing can feel intimidating at times - many antique or thrift stores have a lot of stuff packed into a small space, and many of the items may not even be worth looking at. But somewhere out there, there is a hidden gem waiting for you.. are you willing to hunt?
*All photographs were staged and taken by me. Tartan Deer Print via SS Print Shop. Ribbon and Christmas potpourri - old from Michaels.
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    There's one week left to shop and everyone has that one girl on their list that they don't know what to buy for them.. you know, the girl who constantly answers, "I don't know" every time you ask her what she wants. Sadly, I think I may be that person for my friends and family! If I want something throughout the year, I either work a few extra hours and save up for it or I convince myself that I don't need it - so by the time Christmas rolls around, it either doesn't exist anymore or I already have it stockpiled in the gifts my husband doesn't know he's getting me.
    Here are a few things that "that girl" probably convinced herself she didn't need but might like to have, broken down by category! And when in doubt, a Target gift card is always a winner.
// Comfy Cozy //
[from Left to Right]
Kate Spade Candles - Kate Spade New York
Love the color combos and encouraging memos
Sherpa Robe in Beige - Anthropologie
Quite possibly the softest robe. Ever. Wish I'd taken it home with me!
Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle - World Market
Sold individually in stores, in sets online. One for them and one for you?
Sueded-Sherpa Moccasins - Old Navy
My mom may or may not have these under the tree for me. Love slipper moccasins!
Gold Stained Mugs - SHOP by Monika
I was able to get the Lip Stain before they sold out, but the Drip is super cute too!
Fleece-Lined Leggings - Target
These are THE BEST for winter!
// Tech Essentials //
Baggu Gold-Dipped iPad Case - West Elm
Monogramming available!
Portable iPhone Charger* - Available on eBay, Amazon, and some J. Crew Outlets
Clearly I am old school with the iPhone 4, but I'm always low on battery!
SoundBender* - SoundBender
If you've seen Sharktank, you know what's up! Perfect for watching shows on the iPad.
iPhone Cases - The Everygirl and Rifle Paper Co.
Girly and durable. I love my RPC cover!
// The Beauty Queen //
New York Glitter Socks Gift Set - Kate Spade at Nordstrom
Lavish Luxe Brush Set - Sonia Kashuk® for Target
Skinny Mini Bow Stud Earrings - Kate Spade
The Kate Spade outlet also has a similar version that is less expensive!
The Golden Hairbrush* - Sonia Kashuk® for Target
Pinch Mini Emergency Kit* - Pinch Provisions
They also have a male version - stocking stuffer?
Gold Sequin Hanger - Pearls and Pastries
Available in multiple colors, but I have gold of course! Love using this for outfit planning!
Tweezers and Eyelash Curler* - Forever XXI
eos Lip Balm Multipack* - Target
Top Chef
Avocado Slicer - OXO for Williams Sonoma
My husband and I live in California and still can't cut an avocado correctly.
Bellezza Holiday Reindeer Dinnerware - Vietri
As featured in this Waiting on Martha Blog Post - how could you not fall in love?
Recipe Tin - Rifle Paper Co.
The Citrus Floral Tin reminds me of my Mammaw and great-grandma's home cookin'!
Gold Flatware - West Elm
For those fun brunches and fancy dinner parties!
iPad Under Cabinet Mount - Belkin
With very little counter space in our apartment, I usually keep the recipe in another room and run back and forth. There are many versions of this, but this is the only non-permanent one!
Dotted Linen Napkin Set - Anthropologie
iSpoon Kitchen Stylus - Umbra for CB2
"Saves Your Touchscreen from Messy Fingers" - perfect when using a recipe on your iPad!
Silicone Steamer - OXO for Target
Marketed for steaming veggies, but I use this with pasta too to drain in the pot!
  • Try to steer away from clothes unless you know her specific style and size
  • Stick with neutral colored items [creams, beige, greys, blacks, whites, golds, and blush] - whether for clothes or decor these are sure to match or blend in with a majority  of what she has already.
  • If you can't find something in-store you know they want, check Google, Amazon and eBay, it's bound to be out there somewhere! Just try to buy NWT [new with tags!]
  • Gift receipts! Don't buy anything that can't be returned unless you're 100% sure about it!
  • *All items marked with an asterisk above are also great stocking stuffer ideas!
  • Happy Shopping!
    Probably the easiest DIY ever with pretty results!

1. Collect.

    Choose pinecones with minimal damage! My mother-in-law and I collected these from around North Lake Tahoe but I'm sure you can find some in your own back yard or local park! What I wish I had done: I wanted all of the huge, full-bodied pinecones - now I wish I had chosen some more variety in shapes, sizes, and height!

2. Spray.

    I used the same gold metallic spray I used in my last DIY - I also used white for "snow"! I wanted the pinecones to look like snow-covered trees so I sprayed primarily from the top with a few spritzes down diagonally, making sure that the top was the heaviest.
    I created 3 different colors: white, gold, and a mixture! For the mixture I started with white, then sprayed gold, then dusted white on top again. Really happy with how they turned out!:

3. Decorate.

    I used mine to complete my Winter Wonderland Forest scene [as seen in my previous Winter Decor post]. Now I just need a few LED tea lights to intermix and light it up a bit more! The extras found a spot by the snowman my mom got me last year for Christmas:
    Another fun idea would be to add glitter to them - but I'm pretty sure my husband has banned glitter from our house! Happy DIY-ing!
    Keeping in theme with the "Favorite Things" giveaway [ps. have you entered yet?!] - these are a few of my favorite Winter/Christmas decorations!
Sparkly Ornaments
Yes, that is a Gold Sequin Hanger Ornament! Perfect gift for the fashion lover!
Gold Sequin Hanger Ornament - Pearl's and Pastries
German Glitter Alphabet Ornament - Pottery Barn [On sale now! If you can't find your letter online, I recommend going to your local PB!]
Golden Elephant Ornament - World Market [2 for $5!! Not sold online.]
Trees. Lots of Trees.
Create your own Winter Wonderland Forrest! I created ours in our non-functioning fire place using a white bath mat and trees. This was very last-minute but I plan to use a larger white base in the future and adding a few small LED candles in between to light it up a bit more!
Mercury Glass Trees - Home Goods [many places are selling these but Home Goods has the best prices! Plus one of the ones I got lights up!]
Burlap Trees - Target
Pine Cone "Trees" - DIY tutorial here!
The Cutest Little Gnome You Ever Did See
Currently, he's just sitting there watching over the dining area, but we have big plans for him, which I'll share later this week!
The Little Helper's Container - Waiting On Martha