Hopefully everyone had a Happy Halloween! And for all of the Ohioans - have fun passing out candy and Trick-or-Treating with your babies tonight! In the "spirit" of Halloween, I'm sharing my very scary Pinterest fail from last Halloween and how I fixed it this year!

The Original Inspiration:
Gorgeous mercury glass pumpkins from Pottery Barn. I couldn't find the exact ones on the website any more because they've switched to Christmas.. but I believe the smallest one was at least $35.
Steps to recreating a budget-friendly version of these beautiful pumpkins according to Pinterest. 1. Buy dollar store pumpkins. 2. Buy Krylon "Looking Glass" Spray Paint. 3. Spray the pumpkins. 4. Enjoy. All in all, the project was under $15. Not bad considering the price of the Pottery Barn pumpkins.

Here's what I got:
I believe the saying is, "Nailed It." And that's actually a "decent" photo of them. My husband laughed and I told him I was going to fix them, to which he "replied" by placing them in the fireplace. I salvaged the poor pumpkins and stored them for this year, waiting for inspiration to hit, and it did.

Inspiration Part II:
As I was looking through fall decor, I came across this spider pumpkin and instantly knew what I wanted to do with my Pinterest failures from last year. I already had white spray paint, so I sprayed the silver away and waited for them to dry. Using a Sharpie, I traced down the lines of the pumpkin then drew the crossing lines as the "webbing." I also used the Sharpie for the spiders. The last step was to use black paint I already had to paint the stem.

So. My spiders aren't perfect, but I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. Major plus: my husband said they were cool - without being asked! Now I'm ready for next Halloween!

Yes, I realize spider pumpkins are nothing like glamorous mercury glass pumpkins.. but I needed actual "Halloween" decor anyway!

If you're feeling really talented, here's another pumpkin DIY that can easily be done following the same steps!: