"Shake it like a Polaroid picture"
    Yes, that is a Polaroid picture captured on our very first date, August 6, 2007! [He asked me out the Saturday before, August 4th, hence our wedding date]! The picture was taken at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal three days before Tyler's family's Chick-fil-A® opened. This was a celebratory dinner held in honor of his family and all of the hired employees.. little did I know I would soon become an employee [I was heavily recruited, and not by Tyler]. Because it was scanned in, okay and because it's a Polaroid, it's not very clear but there's another picture from the night at the bottom of this post.
    In 2007, Tyler's family made the move from Indiana to Ohio where his dad would be opening a Chick-fil-A® Restaurant. Tyler and I spent much of our Senior Year of high school unlike many other kids - working. I still remember getting up early on Saturday mornings to get to the restaurant before our shift, indulge in Chick-n-Minis™, work enough hours to qualify for a break including free lunch, then leave late enough that our parents were requesting we bring food home for dinner or I'd have a babysitting job booked for the evening and offer to bring chicken - yes, we had chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Wait, you didn't know Chick-fil-A® had breakfast? Where have you been? They also just introduced THRIVE Coffee, yum.
    After high school we continued to work for Chick-fil-A®, Tyler did payroll from school, came in to do invoices on weekends, and eventually trained me to do both when he studied abroad. Whenever we came home on breaks, we worked. It was like a drug.. or maybe we felt obligated since it was family?, maybe we liked that it was family? At one point, both of Tyler's parents, both of his brothers, Tyler, my sister, two of my cousins, my cousin's boyfriend, and myself were all working at Tyler's parents' Chick-fil-A® Restaurant. I was also able to help another one of my cousins get a job at a location closer to where she lived. I also worked because I needed money.. while it was annoying as a teen, I'm so thankful my parents didn't give handouts.
    I'm fairly creative and I love design, so when there was a need for help with marketing and events at my in-laws restaurant while I was awaiting my Dental Hygiene License, I took the job! I've continued to work for them in this role from afar and even worked with corporate Chick-fil-A® on Grand Openings including the opening in our previous city, Walnut Creek. After the Walnut Creek opening, I accepted a job in HR and Marketing at that location since I was unable to do Hygiene in a full-time role in California. I've been to training in Atlanta and continue to work for and make promotional flyers for both locations [one was even featured on TV, holla!] and my graphic design work is something I'm weirdly proud of.
    On top of working there, we eat there, a lot. And yes, unless we happen to be ordering from one of Tyler's family members [very rare], we pay. Truth is: we don't care to pay for good food, and Chick-fil-A® is gooood. After marriage, Wednesdays became our set-aside "date night" at Chick-fil-A® - it was one sense of normalcy after having moved 2,500 miles from home. So every Wednesday, we ate dinner at the Chick-fil-A® in Walnut Creek [or I brought it home after work] and we have continued that tradition even with our move to Charlotte, only missing when we are out of town. But even then, we usually schedule road trips around when Chick-fil-A® is open.. sometimes delaying departure until 6:30am so we can get breakfast before hitting the road. We're addicts.
    So yesterday, after becoming homeowners, we didn't celebrate by heading out to some fancy dinner spot - we kept our 'date night' tradition and headed straight for chicken!
Then we went and painted our new front door cause we're a little cray cray and couldn't wait! Can't wait to share pics!
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In honor of Father's Day coming up, much love to this mustached Mexican who taught me how to drive and provided some of the fondest childhood memories! Don't forget to love on your dads this weekend! Now for some Alan Jackson [with my own edits].

"A piece of my childhood that'll never be forgotten:
It was, just an old pontoon boat
75 johnson with electric choke
A young girl, two hands on the wheel
I cant replace the way it made me feel
And I would turn it shore line, and, make it wide
He'd say, ya can't beat the way an old boat rides
Just a little lake across the Indiana line
But I was king of the ocean, when daddy let me drive.."

 Alan Jackson | When Daddy Let Me Drive | MetroLyrics
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