This Friday's favorites inspired by this week's Coast to Coast Challenges: "Into the Wild" and "Touch of Gold" .. and the purse just because it's cute [gold zipper counts, right?]! Yesterday was my first time ever participating in one of the 'challenges' and I hope to do more throughout the year! Learn more about the Coast to Coast Instagram challenges by clicking --> here! <--

Friday Favorites

1. Gold Crystal Pave Link Bracelet - Yuni Kelley
I always get complemented on this bracelet! I loved the J. Crew version but not the size [ok.. I also wasn't a fan of the price!] - she makes all different sizes to fit even small wrists like mine!

2. Leopard Loafers - Mindy Mae's Market
Definitely a #LookforLess item! Love the idea of leopard print loafers but don't want to spend crazy amounts of money on a pair of shoes I'll only wear occasionally!

3. Leopard Print Faux Fur Hooded Coat - Maykool
I had a leopard faux fur coat as a child, and if my arms weren't the length of Michael Jordan's, it would still fit! Found this one on Google and love the hood and peacoat-inspired toggle buttons!

4. Foldover Clutches in Pink Pastel and Jade Jewel - K. Slade Made
Clutches are probably the cutest things I have never invested in or worn. Crushing on these foldovers and especially love the tassle detail on the zipper!
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01/27/2016 6:22am

She makes all different sizes to fit even small wrists like mine!


Am very excited to see the Leopard Print Faux Fur Hooded Coat. It's my favorite coat. The stuff of this coat is warm enough to keep warm our body in cold weather. The other products are also fine. Nice post, thanks.


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