My first Friday Favorites post! Last week since we were traveling on Friday, I only posted them to Instagram - I may occasionally do that again from time to time if things get to busy! For these posts, I have no specific setup; all four favorites may be the same one Friday and all different the next. In today's case, they're all the same: home decor. Target's new "White and Natural Collection" is killing it! Love the light and airy feel of neutral decor for you to add in your own pops of color. Here are some of my favorites!
1. Threshold™ Spring 2014 Trend Basket Collection - I could think of about 50 things to use these super cute baskets for.. but I'm exercising Tuesday's Tip and hoping these go on sale before they sell out!

2. Threshold™ Knit Chevron Throw - I love blanket. No. Seriously. I am a blanket hoarder. My husband does not understand. Men: while there are some similarities between the categories, there are differences between the following: summer blankets, winter blankets, decorative blankets, picnic blankets, and blankets for the bed. Plus, when I host movie night, everyone is covered!

3. Threshold™ Wood and Brass Finish Bar Cart - this baby has made its way around different blogs and Instagram feeds since it's debut, and if you've seen any of the pictures, you know why. So many different and fun ways to style it other than its intentional purpose! Plus, I heard some Target stores have it marked down to 50% off now?! If you know of one that does, help a sister out!

4. Threshold™ Embroidered Burst Decorative Pillow and Lattice Toss Pillow - I've been cheating and using my Winter Sweater-style pillows year-round because they're neutral.. might be time to throw some not so wintery pillows into the mix!
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