I discovered Zara through Instagram and although there are [what I would consider] few stores in the US, San Francisco of course has two! The sizing was a little different to get down since it's European, and although it would say the US size, it wasn't always accurate [or the US sizes aren't accurate to begin with - who's for a universal pattern to make all sizes equal?!] but being able to try things on in store helps! Plus I'm pretty sure the website is free shipping and free returns [awesome].
        I currently have a pair of Zara shoes, a shirt my sister hates, and a pair of pants and I'm thinking I need to add one of these cute Spring jackets to my mini Zara collection!
[clockwise from top left]

1. Round Neck Coat With Zip
Let's start with the fact that it's pink. I can envision wearing this casually, or on a romantic night out, or Easter Sunday, or to a wedding, or out to coffee.. or anywhere. It's simple enough to be casual, yet the color and classy lines make this coat elegant as well. My only concern is the cropped arms - not 100% sure about the style especially since I have long arms already! Seriously, they're abnormal.

2. Fabric Coat With Zip
Need a coat to match anything you wear this Spring? This is the jacket for you! Neutrals go with anything and this cute I personally love how they casually paired it with jeans and a simple blouse on the website! The zipper is not my favorite, but that could always easily be changed!

3. Coat With Pockets
I am obsessed with this one. I love the color yellow, so bright and happy, plus the details in the pockets and even the sleeves add an even more fun and modern element [more pictures on Zara's website]! I also love that the zipper starts at about waist-line instead of at the bottom of the coat - this makes sitting down so much easier!

4. Wool Coat in Green
This one is an example of something that doesn't look great on the hanger but looks so cute on [see the pictures on the website]! Made of wool, this is the perfect jacket for those of you who are excited for Spring looks but the weather has cooler plans. Available in both "Tangerine" and my personal favorite; green!
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