Life lately has been insanely crazy. Hence the lack of Blogging. When I'm not doing real work or out enjoying our awesome city and awesome [70* daily] weather with the hubs, I'm spending every waking hour on Zillow, our realtor's site, researching our new city, going over financing and budgeting for our first house, taking needed [for sanity] shopping breaks, and finishing my application to get my Dental Hygiene license in our new state.. cause oh yeah, we're moving to:
Charlotte, North Carolina
    In about a month we will be leaving California and moving across the country to the Carolinas. While we are super excited to be back in the same time zone as our families [and my 'side' job], I'd be lying if I said we weren't a little sad to be leaving the first place we ever called 'home' together. And the weather here. And friends. And all of the adventures of California. [Not going to lie, kind of pumped about lower taxes and lower cost of living though.. shh!].

    We are excited for this new adventure, but for now I'll be in and out of blogging, the dirty clothes piles will continue to grow past where I can stand, 'hand-wash only' dishes will sit in the sink for longer than usual, and we will be out walking through Walnut Creek after work, trying the weekly changes in Frozen Yogurt flavors at our favorite place, hitting up the city on the weekends, using our last few pool passes, and playing Frisbee Golf on the new course by our place no matter how terrible I am. [Yes. They would install that a few months before we leave. That and a Hobby Lobby.. don't even get me started..]

    See you in a week Charlotte! Excited to see what's in store as we search for our first home! Ps. for those of you wondering.. HGTv was not going to be able to give us a definitive answer by next week for whether or not we'd be on the show. With that in mind, we have decided to go ahead and buy if we find something we like while we are there - finding a place to live and getting things in order before we move across the country is more important than being on TV!
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03/21/2014 8:09am

We may end up in the same state! Moves are tough - good luck with it all :)

03/27/2014 8:47am

We lived in San Ramon for 3 years and I miss it so much! The weather was so perfect. But like you say, the cost of living is pretty incredible here in Charlotte! We love living here! Let me know if you have any questions about the area!

09/19/2015 1:39pm

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10/16/2015 5:25am

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