Off We Go! Our 15 day cross-country journey to Charlotte has begun!
And I may or may not have purchased the outlet version of the above purse in celebration. Kate Spade, you kill me.
Last night, after the movers finished packing, we said goodbye to our first place together in Walnut Creek and drove south to Los Angeles where we will officially begin our road trip! I have booked all of our hotels and have all confirmation info printed [thanks to Marriott Rewards, AAA, and Hilton Rewards we were able to get great deals and a bunch of free nights], had the credit card company try to cancel a few night stays thinking they were fraud [thanks for having our back, Chase?], booked Mystère by Cirque du Soleil and have plans to make Tyler solve crimes with me at "CSI: The Experience," wrote out all of our stops on a calendar, have MapQuest Directions printed out for every location, packed the car full of "can't-live-without"s that had to come with us and not with the movers [including our Tempur-Pedic pillows, Clarisonic brushes, my bkr, and Tyler's Gaiam foam roller, and of course Secret Deodorant for this #epic48 hour road trip], loaded a car snack bag to keep my hangry husband from going insane, downloaded the Frozen soundtrack to battle his One Direction concerts, and thanks to already getting bored of music on the 5 hour drive to LA, I think I've convinced him to hit up Barnes & Noble for a book on tape! We have over a week of driving to go but I can already hear the, "are we there yet?"s - and we don't even have kids. I will definitely write a "How To Prepare for a Cross Country Road Trip" blog after getting settled in Charlotte.

For the most part, we will be sticking to the original schedule laid out in the original post with a few changes. We chose Albuquerque as the spot between 'E' and 'F', 'F' became two stops [White Sands and Carlsbad Caverns], and 'I' switched from Atlanta, Georgia to Montgomery, Alabama.

I am going to try to update the blog as frequently as I can with pictures and such - thinking about maybe getting a WiFi 'hotspot' to keep up with writing on the sections of longer driving - but no matter what, we'll be keeping our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts active and using the hashtag #PetersCrossCountry. Feel free to tag along!
Please keep us in your prayers for safe travels!

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09/14/2015 12:05pm

Our travelling and visit of the fifteen days is very fascinating and beneficial. It is complete with the aspects of the success and joy. It is relished by the visitors.


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