I absolutely LOVE calligraphy and hand-lettering! I can be creative, I have been told that I have nice handwriting, and I know I have steady hands [my job requires that people trust me in their mouth with sharp instruments], but for these ladies it seems this form of art comes effortlessly whereas I would need to seriously practice! These are some of my favorite items from a few of my favorite calligraphers and letterers [yes, there is a difference]!
1. 'You Are My Greatest Adventure' Print - Brown Fox Calligraphy
I have recently started decorating with prints. Remember when you would rip out magazine quotes and paste them to your walls, cork board, planner, etc. as a teenager, or write them on your mirror in sharpie or lipstick? This is your grown up/classy way to keep those happy thoughts around! There are so many of these being made right now but of course I'm partial to the girl who made my logo!

2. Partial Calligraphy Address Stamp - Brown Fox Calligraphy
Who doesn't want to send their mail out with a ridiculously cute return stamp? I've made a few of my own with Avery labels, but the white background of a label can look harsh against colored envelopes - stamping looks way more put together! Can't wait to have a home so that I can get one of these by Bri of Brown Fox [ps everything in her shop is 20% off thru June with code HAPPYDAY]

3. 'The Best Part' Print - Lindsay Letters
Take a look at some of her prints and you will see why her business doesn't have the word 'calligraphy' in it like the others - there's a difference in style but the result is still so lovely! Letterers have this amazing ability to create prints where none of the individual letters look the same twice yet everything comes together perfectly! I love this print for a coffee cart because it reminds me of the Folgers commercials, and since the Keurig is the first place I run in the morning, it's a good reminder to read as I await for my addiction to finish brewing!

4. Calligraphy Starter Kit - Laura Hooper Calligraphy
If you're interested in learning calligraphy [like myself], I would recommend this kit! I always happened to be out of town when she was teaching in San Francisco, but I've heard her classes are great and I'm sure the starter kit is awesome! I've stood in the calligraphy aisles at Michaels and other craft stores before and have felt overwhelmed with the options as a beginner. This kit eliminates that helpless feeling by including the basics and what you need as a beginner!
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