Exactly two weeks from signing on the dotted line to close on the house, and just when moving and projects were starting to feel overwhelming.. the best possible things came in the mail:
    When we got back to the apartment late last night we were both exhausted - moving ourselves while both maintaining jobs and working on projects in the new home has been tiring. Like, willingly having a bed time at 9:30 every single night kind of tiring. Exhausted as we were, we split up before heading upstairs with plans to meet up at the elevator [like I said, way to tired for stairs, even one floor]; I went to get the mail and he stopped to get the cart to use in the morning for moving boxes. Tyler heard me scream from down the hall, I had two huge envelopes and on was from the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners. I was tired, but I had suddenly gained a little boost of energy and ran to the elevator.
    Somewhere between the first and second floor, the envelope was torn open and thrown to the ground. Gently of course, I knew an envelope that size could only contain one thing:
That's right, it's official. I'm a licensed Dental Hygienist in the state of North Carolina.
The next piece of mail?:
Officially a small business owner. And just like that: Day. Made.
God is good.
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08/27/2014 3:55pm

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