Yesterday was our last day of filming, so Sunday was a crazy day of moving, organizing, decorating, cleaning, and getting the house TV ready! Now that a majority of our furniture is in place, it's hitting me that we own this home! Maybe I was just extremely tired and emotionally vulnerable, but I started tearing up when I got this video email from our builder. They did an amazing job in truly transforming this house! [And I'm proud to say I helped a little by picking the cabinet color, backsplash, paint colors throughout, and the floor stain!] Enjoy watching this transformation!
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Karen Peters
09/10/2014 3:17pm

What a transformation! That took a great deal of vision on the part i
of the builder:)

09/28/2014 5:43pm

Nothing I adore more than fabulous clients who understand the meaning of 'vision'. And girly, you've got that down in spades! The only thing this video is missing is the next phase, which includes your fabulously tasty tangelo orange front door and grooving interior design genius!

08/29/2015 7:31am

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09/05/2015 12:20am

House transformation is a very good sometime and sometimes bad. Its all depend upon the builder you hire for the transformation of your house. If you hired a person who have sound sense of beauty then you will definitely won't believe your eyes after transformation.

03/15/2016 9:30pm

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09/19/2016 1:17pm

This is like a show where they made your car looks awesome)

06/12/2017 3:31am

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06/15/2017 9:25am

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